Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature Free Download For PC
Harvest Moon Back to Nature
Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature is a farm simulation video game series played by Yasuhiro Wada and produced by Victor Interactive Software (acquired by marvelous entertainment in 2003).

United Kingdom language translation and distribution of games made by Natsume for North America and Rising Star Games to Europe.

The main objective of the game is to rebuild a rundown old farm and turn it into a success. During the time period players tend to crops and livestock, making friends near the city, and finally in some series get married and start a family. The first game was Harvest Moon, was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996.

The warehouse holding cattle and sheep, and can be expanded. Players interested in the maintenance of cattle will spend time talking to animals, brushing and feeding them in this building. If they are healthy and happy, you can get milk from a cow daily, and wool from the sheep weekly. The barn is where wool and milk processing machinery will be sent, once they are purchased.

Stable provides space for a horse, should the player choose to accept an invitation to care for animals. You don't necessarily have to give her, but she would rather be outside. If players treat their horses properly, it will become an adult and can help bring the plant.

This allows players to work more efficiently because it does not have to run back to the shipping box when inventory is full. If the horse is not treated properly, there's a chance he can be removed from the ranch.

Chicken Coop provides room for five birds but can be expanded like the farmhouse. After the expansion You can store up to 10 chickens. There is also an incubator to hatch chicks. Egg processing machinery will be placed here if purchased by players.

All livestock can be taken or lead outside to eat on its own, despite all the love that is left out in the bad weather. Despite all the outbuildings which livestock is present from the beginning, the player will have to pay for the greenhouse will be built if they require one. In the greenhouse, the plants can grow, even those out of season.

Buying a greenhouse allows growing plants and harvested during the winter. Extreme weather conditions can destroy the greenhouse, since it was not built to withstand the power. Players must consider whether they are willing to risk the cost of losing the hothouse and its contents, balanced with opportunities that.

Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature Free Download For PC
Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature Free Download For PC

You can clear the ground by pulling weeds, breaking rocks, and cut the bingungkan and wooden sticks. Axes and hammers first you are able to deal with only small stones and branches (you can also put the rocks and branches in the backpack, and move them to another part of the field where they will not be on the road).

After you upgrade your equipment can cut up a stump and broke the rocks. After you have cleaned the soil, you may want to use a hoe and then planted the seed.

If you water the seeds every day, they will grow, and eventually you can harvest them and sell the crops. Some single-crop crops (such as potatoes) while others can be harvested many times (such as corn) until the season changes and the plants die, unless you have a greenhouse.

Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature Free Download For PC
Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature Free Download For PC

There is a different set of plants for each season (spring, summer, autumn), and could not be grown in the winter without the purchase of a greenhouse in which all types of seeds can be grown. One particular crop, Orangecup, can only grow in greenhouses.

Once you get the fishing pole from Greg and were able to catch fish, you can add the fish to the pond by throwing them into the water. If you decide to increase your fish will need to feed them every day. In doing so they will breed and grow.

But during the winter the pond freezes over making feeding and removal of fish possible. (It can be noted that the player is free to remove the fish, put it in the fridge for them for a period and return them to the fish pond with negative effect.).

Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature Free Download For PC
Games Harvest Moon Back to Nature Free Download For PC

It has Mineral store for seeds, farming machinery, wine, and other items. Buy livestock carried out in the city, and the expected public buildings to cities such as churches, Libraries, lodging (it only having a phone in the town of minerals), hospitals/clinics, and more. Outside the city, one can go to the woodcutter to order upgrade buildings.

Outside the city are also several mines, waterfalls, forests, and mountains. The Festival takes place in the city on a yearly schedule. Befriend townspeople results in one being invited to festivals other than watching television.

As a young child, the main character go to her grandfather farming for the summer. Her grandfather is too busy propose agriculture to spend a lot of time with him, but he free to explore city and forest as he desired.

Boys befriend dog her grandfather and met a little girl own age with whom he became close friend. When summer is over a boy must back home, but he promised little girl that he will return someday.

When her grandfather died years later, a boy has grown into a young man, and it comes to the town again to take over agriculture. Mayor talk things by villagers, and they have decided that he can stay as the rightful owner if he could agricultural restore to an original state within three years.

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System Requirement

OS Windows XP / 7
Processor Pentium III @ 1 GHz
128 MB RAM
1 GB Free HDD Space
32 MB Video Card with DirectX 9.0c
Input: Keyboard & Mouse

How to Install

Download lalu Extract
Buka folder game Harvest Moon: Back To Nature
Double Click file Start.bat

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